Selling a Fixer Upper

When they sell their homes, most people do not like to think of their homes as fixer uppers. Often, the things that you have learned to live with are just things that detract from the desirability for a prospective buyer. The yellow kitchen and pea-green bathroom that were definitely spiffy back in 1950 are negatives in the 2019 real estate market. 

If people would just make the house more marketable, such as completing the termite report and making sure the title is clear, and make it more presentable, the house would sell much faster and for a better price.
I can help with the title search, with the termite report and with making the property more presentable. I can assist you completing any work required by the termite report and doing cosmetic work such as painting the house inside and out in neutral colors, updating the kitchen and bathroom floors and cabinets, refinishing hardwood floors if needed, cleaning up the yard, replacing all broken plugs, plate covers, and switches, installing a new roof if it is needed, and lastly, staging the house so that it is attractive and homey for walk through and open houses, will get you a much higher selling price.

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